A.   Principle

The Yokohama Campus (The Faculty of Environmental Studies , The Faculty of Informatics , the Graduate School) of Tokyo City University, having recognized the preservation of the earth's environment to be one of the most important challenges facing the entire human race, will work to assure that every activity on campus will be harmony with the environment, will lessen environmental load from a global point of view, and, together with all members of the Yokohama Campus and employees as well as students and regularly assigned employees from related companies, will cooperate to conserve and improve the environment in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society in the 21st century.

B.  Policy

1.We shall positively promote education and activities for the conservation of the environment of the entire earth as well as that of the region. Not only will we promote such research and education ourselves, but we shall try to contribute towards the sustainable development of society by taking a positive part in community-based and governmental programs, by supporting members of the Yokohama Campus, employees and students taking independent and active part in such programs,a and by making public the results of our research and educational activities.

2. We shall at all times recognize the environmental aspect of all activities within the Yokohama Campus, shall evaluate their effect of the environment, shall prevent environmental pollution and, by positively taking part in the conservation of natural resources and energy and in reduce environmental load and promote improvement of the environment.

3. We shall observe environment related laws, regulations and agreements having to do with all the activities on the Yokohama Campus and shall further set up and administer our own standards, in consideration of other required matters such as the prevention of the warming of the earth and the protection of the ozone layer.

4. In order to implement this environmental policy we shall establish environmental objectives and targets, and all members of the Yokohama Campus and employees, as well as students and regularly assigned employees from related companies, shall cooperate to strive to achieve these objectives and targets.

5. We shall carry out environmental auditing in order to review the environmental management system for continuous improvement.

C.  About Propaganda

This environmental policy shall be committed to writing and will be made known to all members of the Yokohama Campus, and it will also be made known to the public in printed form and on the Internet(http://www.yc.tcu.ac.jp).